Say No More


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Vinyl Available through:

Insight Records (US/CAN)
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released February 17, 2016

Recorded by Bo
Mixed and Mastered by Davis
Artwork by Dylan aka Drug Dogs



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Giving In
You’re killing me, slowly but surely, there is no hurry.
Weighing me down, I can feel myself drown; gasping for air.
With you I can’t win, that’s how it’s been. I’ll never get my
way. Clear my mind, won’t win this time, I’m not even
going to play your stupid fucking games. I feel myself break,
grasping at the will to live. Look at yourself you’re more
likely to give in than to give. You can’t change the past,
what’s done is done and you can’t turn your back. Won’t
take the blame. Won’t play your games.
Track Name: Take The Hint
Won’t play your games. Won’t get my way. And it will
never change and always stay this way. On me this time,
you always fail to try. You never change. Always stay the
same. I never knew you’d be this way and not capable of
making changes. You look for people that you can blame.
And it’s always the same load of shit every time. I try to
turn the fucking page and you ruin it with your god damn
plague. Infecting people who try to help and remind me
why I don’t give a shit about your empty words. Your
apologies they don’t mean a thing, I won’t buy them
anymore. I’m done with this, I’m done with you, why can’t
you just take the damn hint? Get out of here and get of my
way, cause you cannot change my mind. I won’t take this
back, I’m smarter than that, I’m smarter than you. You can’t
Track Name: Know Yourself
Why you gotta be like everybody else? Why can’t you just
think for yourself? It’s about what’s cool, about who’s
watching what you say or do. You’re just a copy of
everything you hate or you once did. You said it didn’t
matter. You’re just a dumb kid. You follow all the rules and
you follow your to do list. Schoolyard mindset. Isn’t time you
grow the fuck up? What a simple concept. Approval
ain’t shit when you know yourself. That’s all that counts not
the shirt on your back. Use your head you are smarter than
that. I always knew you’d change and it’s getting worse each
day. Can’t stay and watch this happen as you fall deeper
every day. Your dumb trends and your fake friends, it’s all
a waste of time.
Track Name: No More
No more hate towards yourself. There’s so much more that
you can do with your time and your energy. You’re talking
shit but you’ve got no rhyme or reason for the things you
say. You talk about people but it’s not your place. No
regard for others. It’s time that you learned to live with the
loneliness that you earned in this cold cruel world. It’s time
for no more lies. It’s time you try to relate. It’s time you see
with your eyes. It’s time for no more hate towards others.
You discuss their business behind their backs and make up
lies to try and cover up your tracks. Not this time.
No more lies.
Track Name: Black & White
In the light of day and the dead of night. Colour coded in
black and white. What a fucking time to be alive. Minor shifts
in what means to survive. I always thought that life was
worth so much more. It’s a choice; you make them every day.
Big or small; the ripple will get you anyway. What kind of life
can we expect to lead when all this shit is plastered up for
us to see? Corrupt and imbalanced on the streets. They play
the victim but the truth is it could be you or me. Who’s to say
who’s next or who’s safe? It could be you or could be me. A
fucked up way to behave in this fucked up world we call our
home. They never have to pay for their fucked up ways. It
makes no sense. They walk away. What’s left to say? We’ve
seen it all. Humankind; the rise and fall. We should’ve seen
this from afar. It’s been this way since the fucking start.
Track Name: Think Twice
If you said that you had my back I wouldn’t believe you, not
for a second. Time and time again you prove that you’re not
a friend. What would you say if I asked you to come through
for me? If I needed you what would you do? It’s a shame that
you have friends who wouldn’t need to think twice if you
asked for help, told them you were in need. I look back on
the wasted years and ask how you could be so selfish or why
is it that you never cared about me? Think twice.