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Sold Out


released September 30, 2014

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Davis
Artwork by Codey



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Still ill
Can't speak my mind
The thoughts in my head
Shove lies in their face
From a spoon they are fed
Keep on spinning a web
So I don't speak ill
I can't keep this up
I'm digging further still
I say, you meant, no harm
But they, don't believe it anymore
I say, can't blame, you for
Walking out that door
I tried to cover
Your tracks and mine
The grave gets deeper
No more lies this time
Web of lies growing
A battle uphill
I can't keep this up
I'm digging further still
I say, you caused, the harm
And I, can't take it anymore
The blame's, on you,
You turned your back and walked right out that door
Track Name: Ground Zero
I couldn't hold on, I'm only so strong
I can't ask you to stay
You put the effort, I should've noticed
I didn't mean to push you away
I gave you up, I wasn't enough
Couldn't give what you need
Don't want you to think, that I never cared
I would rather fucking bleed
I went down, brought you here, with me
A fucking shame, so much gone to waste
I wish this had all gone different
You don't realize, that this is goodbye
Why don't you fucking listen?
I went down, brought you here, with me
I'm only so strong
I should've noticed
I wasn't enough
I would rather
I would much rather
I'd rather fucking bleed
Track Name: Watch Me Fall
I never thought I'd see the day
That you did enough to push me away
I know what this all meant to me
But can you tell me, what the fuck did it mean to you
Whys it so hard for you to stay true?
True to your word, it's not that hard
You sat there and watched it all fall apart
I can't believe it took me so long to see
Just how little this all meant to you
I've tried so hard but there's nothing else that I can do
I gave it my all
Trusted that you wouldn't let me fall... Bust
Track Name: Losin' It
What, don't you get?
I can't take, more of your shit
It all, builds up
And I've had, enough, of it
You, can't really think
That you could, fool me
It's clear, it's all an act
And I won't, take you back
The mask that you wear
It hides your face
It hides your shame
But not your disgrace
You found a way
To fool the others
Hide the real you
And your true colours
After all these years
You're still the same
I should've known
You'd never change
You keep on playing
Who're you trying to kid
Better smarten up
Cause I'm losin' it
I've lost my mind
Wasted too much time
Get out my head
Cause I'm losin' it
Track Name: Best of Me
Your voice still lingers, it instills more doubt
There's no escaping, there's no way out
Of my sight and out of my mind
Need to be rid of you, I'm running out of time
In the day, in the week and the month
The clock is ticking, there will never be enough time
To escape
The past
It always catches up to you
Will never
Let it get the best of me